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CLIENT PROFILE: Koos Esterhuizen

Koos Esterhuizen

Koos Esterhuizen is one of my most valued customers, and hails from a remote corner of the Kalahari desert in Namibia.

Just goes to show, great taste in guitars can be found in the most obscure places! Congratulations Koos on the acquisition of your two very fine Collings guitars, not to mention your D28LSV. Not only are these guitars fine instruments, they represent some of the finest guitars available today.

May you have many hours of happy picking, and I look forward to our get togethers from time to time.


Koos Esterhuizen with his lovely HD28 LSV. I look forward to
many more picking sessions and your wonderful
Namibian/Kalaharian hospitality.
Koos Esterhuizen with his two beautiful Collings Guitars.
A OOO28HG and OM1HA. Enjoy them Koos and watch the lack of humidity there in the Kalahari Desert!
Koos and Hugh picking on Koos's Sheep farm in Koës, in the Kalahari Desert, Namibia, not far from the Gemsbok Kalahari National Park.