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Farewell party for Jayne Couillard

On Saturday 9th May we had a farewell party for Jayne at Hugh's Fine Guitars.

Jayne has been one of our most cherished members of the guitar community and also played in Hugh's band "Herringbone" for 6 years. Sadly Jayne and husband Steve are leaving our shores to return to their native U.S.A.

We wish them all the best and look forward to seeing them back in South Africa frequently.

Herringbone percussionist Derek had this to say: "I met Jayne two years ago when I joined Herringbone to play percussion. Jayne has an aura of love surrounding her, even when she gets the chords wrong, and she smiles like an angel when she steps up to the mike, then she closes her eyes briefly, sways to the left and sings just like a Nightingale! Good fortune for Vermont, U.S.A., bad luck for Joburg S.A."