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Hugh's Fine Guitars Morgan Get-together:

On 13 December 2003, I hosted the Hugh’s Fine Guitars, Morgan Get Together, hopefully the first of many exclusive events aimed at alerting South African guitar enthusiasts to the various superior instruments and related product available these days. The purpose of the Get Together was to raise the profile of Morgan Guitars, and provide an opportunity for my existing Morgan customers to showcase their guitar skills and compare notes with each other. Also, the gig was designed to allow the ever increasing guitar community to socialize and get to know each other.

I was very encouraged by the turnout, Throughout the day, about 50 people attended, coming from all points of the compass, arriving from as far afield as Natal, Lesotho, and even the UK! The arrival of 8 magnificent Morgans coincided with the Get Together, and everyone had the opportunity to sample the fine tone, craftsmanship and playability of these superb instruments.

All in all, the event was a roaring success, and it looked to me as if everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves. Groups of people began to materialize all over the place, having their own little jam session, and festivities continued well into the evening. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to come along, and look forward to seeing you all again at more of my events.

Happy picking for 2004!

Alain Guindon Ashleigh Harris Duncan Eriksson Ernie Stark
Graham May Bill Dean Mike Romancia Rael Birns
Ashleigh Harris and Mum
Dan Patlansky and Jason Hartman
James Swanepoel
Four Band Widows
Louis and Nikki Lewis Enright
Mike Romancia and Mary
Morgans on display