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Neil Harris

Neil Harris from Zambia: neil@coppernet.zm:

"I am about to give Hugh some money. More in fact than I paid for my first house. What do I get in return? The realisation of a lifelong dream....to own a Gibson Acoustic. To be exact - a Gibson SJ200 Celebrity 90th Anniversary Limited Edition, one of only 90 made...WOW!!! Growing up in the 60's all budding guitarists wanted to sound like the Everly Brothers, Bob Dylan and other rock and roll and folk heroes of the time. The instruments they used left us in awe and remained unavailable to us in Southern Africa for decades as most guitar suppliers did not and many still do not stock them....until now! Hugh's website has given us the opportunity to own the finest guitars in the world - both past and present. In addition, Hugh's obvious knowledge, advice and deep rooted passion is not a sales pitch, it comes straight from the heart.

Listening to Hugh speak about his guitars leaves one in no doubt that each guitar that is sold takes a part of him with it. What next?
I would love to own a top of the range 12 string. There is however one minor problem. My wife would kill me....and probably Hugh as well. She firmly believes that a classic guitar should cost no more than R1 000, and even then only if it has been signed by Elvis!