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Martin Jorgensen

Martin Jorgensen from South Africa: martin.jorgensen@sabreweries.com

A few months back I purchased a Martin D16GT from Hugh's Fine Guitars. Before my purchase, I did a fair amount of shopping around and looked at other guitars like Taylor, Cort, Seagull. The Martin range of guitars were far superior in my opinion. Initially, I would have preferred to purchase a Martin a little bit further up the range, but due to price constraints I decided to go for the D16GT. I am not at all unhappy with my decision, as the more I play my baby, I realise that this is no baby in the range. It compares with the best of the best.

The purchase from this company was an experience. The day I arrived to collect the machine, I was treated to ice cold beer, while I was given the rules of how to look after my guitar. Mr Cumming and a few other experts were there to show me how my guitar should be played. I was given all sorts of paraphernalia to get me going. I was made to feel part of the Martin owners fraternity.

I have visited Hugh's place many times since and each time we sit around listening to many many fine guitars being played by mystros or talk about the fine guitars that Hugh has for sale.

"Thank you Mr Martin and Mr Cumming" (quote stolen from Mr Rice and Mr Blake)

Martin D Jorgensen