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Errol Atterbury

Errol Atterbury from South Africa: www.abury.co.za/guitars.html

I bought a Morgan Rosewood Concert from Hughs Fine Guitars.

My experience:

About Hugh
Instead of going to a store and dealing with an otherwise salesperson, here one goes to Hugh's home and receives loads of personal attention. I found him to be a gentleman, good-hearted, a giver, caring and charitable. I was a recipient of his business model that resulted in me enjoying a lavish experience of hearing and playing on some rather outstanding guitars that I might otherwise have missed out on had I shopped in a local store.

About Fine
When I consider the word 'fine' in this context, I think of top quality, excellent, superior, exceptional and discerning, because these words describe Original 1957 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top, Blues Guitars, Guitars, Acoustic guitars, Fingerstyle guitars, Flatpicking guitars, Bluegrass guitar, Folk guitars, Collectable guitars, Guitar lessons, Stringed instruments, Acoustic instruments, Collectables, Unplugged guitars, Acoustic rock guitars, Country guitars, Steel string guitars, harmonicas, 1938 Gibson Advanced Jumbo, Vintage Guitars, Jason Hartman, Webber Guitarsbe aptly the kind of guitars Hugh deals with. While these guitars are exceptional they are not exclusive and can be owned by anyone who wants to own one.

About Guitars
If you don't enjoy being spoilt go to a regular store... They are special because if you really want a fine guitar and want to enjoy some fine company at the same time, then you could end up not just having a special time with some fine guitars but also end up owning one too... like I did. Hugh's Fine Guitars are special because they come from top quality luthiers.

Thanks for a fine guitar Hugh!

Hasta leugo!