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James Swanepoel

James Swanepoel from South Africa:

One of the most exiting days of my life, was when I got an appointment at Hugh’s Fine Guitars. For the last five years, one of my biggest dreams was to get the opportunity to play and compare some of the worlds finest guitars. When I first heard about Hugh’s Fine Guitars, I couldn’t believe that finally there was someone in SA who was willing to walk the extra mile to bring us in contact with the best of the best.

When I arrived as Hugh’s house, I was welcomed, made comfortable and the first guitar was handed over to me. Hugh refused to tell me what guitar I was playing. And me, being without sight had to use my ears and emotional feelings to judge the guitar. Hugh repeated this, guitar after guitar, leaving me to make up my own mind to judge the guitars and to pick the one I like best.

Before I went to Hugh, one of my greatest fears was that I would hopelessly fall in love with a top of the range guitar that was far beyond my financial reach. Well, it happened OK, and I fell in love with a guitar, a Morgan Dreadnought Mahogany, and the finest thing about the guitar is that it is not even close to the top of the price list.

I bought the guitar and now seven weeks later, I can only say “WOW”!!!!!!!

Every day I realise what a fantastic instrument I’ve bought. This is without a doubt one of the finest, best sounding guitars I’ve ever laid my hands on.

Thanks a Million Hugh.