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Jerry Pennington

Jerry Pennington from the United States: jpennington@houston.rr.com

What a wonderful site. Hugh, you’ve done a great job. My only concern is that you’re so far away from Texas in Africa Wow! I own about 30 guitars and don’t play all that great- but love guitars. I have everything from Olson to Gibson, Fancy to Plain. I love them all. One of the best guitars I got for the money is a nylon string Martin from Australia - it actually had a hardware store sticker on the back of the headstock. It looks like it’s headed to a similar condition as Willie Nelson’s guitar, but it sounds OOOOOOOh so good. I play the guitar to back up my singing and started purchasing them simply to have an opportunity to play some I never saw in the stores. I’ve lost a little on resales, but it was well worth it. Hugh: Let me know what you want for the Tony Rice Professional. I had one, but the Rosewood was not as figured as the one you show in the pictures. I was excited to see that one, but way over there in Africa – what would it be like to have to ship that far? Thanks for a wonderful website that I now go to on a regular basis. I figured you needed a Texas to sign in. Jerry