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Ken Swan

Ken Swan from Canada: hambagashli@aol.com

I just checked out your web site, and might I say I thoroughly enjoyed reading about all your guitars. You seem to be in a business like a friend of mine! Classic Cars for investment. He says that when you find a car you like, even though the price seems comparatively high today, you should go for it because it will always keep its value - and more than likely substantially increase in value. I feel the same way about guitars. I bought a Morgan because I happen to know how well they are made and how much value they have today. I'm sorry I didn't buy my Morgan from you, but then I live in North America. I can tell you that Morgan's are becoming increasingly popular here because people are beginning to find out that they are made from only superior solid woods and crafted with professional tender loving care, then tuned to perfection. You are a wise man to be in the vintage guitar business and I will check back often to read all that's new at Hugh's Fine Guitars.