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Reini Adelbert

Reini Adelbert: RAdelbert@ccint.net

Hi Hugh, herewith a little story for yr site - regards Reini

In 1973 I bought a Yamaha FG 500 which was my only instrument and trusty travel/writing mate and co-performer for 20 years. I was amazed that Keb Mo still uses one today (see DVD 'Session at West 54th')! Makes one think...

In the early 90's I decided to buy a Martin but was persuaded to buy a 510 Taylor instead, now played very actively by my oldest son. I became a Taylor fan and have owned a few Baby's (my preferred slide guitar), a big Baby, 310, 314, 712 (my best plugged guitar) and K22ce. I am also the proud owner of a Santa Cruz H14 which is in a class of its own.

Recently, the need for a Martin resurfaced, leading to my contact with Hugh's Fine Guitars. On a trip to the big Gauteng Apple, I made an important stop at 4 ways and spent a marvelous morning drooling over an armoury of wonderful wood and steel! It was a difficult choice but since I was flying back to Cape Town and was able to take only one home (besides which, I do value my marriage!). My choice was a 0018V which suited my finger style perfectly.

Each of my guitars holds a very special place in my life and it would be quite wrong to choose a favourite, but already this Martin has become part of the family. It's mahogany which gives it a crispness that will work well for recording. The neck is very playable and the voice is bluesy and way bigger than its very comfortable small size. It will also be a great slide guitar. I love the no-frills simplicity and classic design. The case is the best I own, by far. Being a long time Elixir user, I've fitted those but for the first time, I may be tempted to go uncoated on at least one guitar...

My sincere compliments to Hugh Cumming on a really good website and passionate contribution to the nurturing of acoustic guitar music in SA. I look forward to giving it a much needed boost in the Cape.

Reini Adelbert