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Stuart Ball

Stuart Ball : stuartb@durbs.com

I was introduced to Hugh by a mutual friend around 2 years ago and, on my first visit to JHB, spent an amazing evening; till well after midnight; making a new friend and being introduced to the best range of guitars I've seen anywhere - from the Gibson AJ slope shoulder to the BIG D45. I also had the privilage of being introduced to Mike Burger and played his new Morgan. Instantly fell in love, with the Morgan Concert of course!. On subsequent visits I met some more amazing pickers and played my dreams. I already own a 1983 D35 with which I will never part, but was blown away by a couple of very special guitars. Naturally the D45 appealed to me as a Martin loyalist but I discovered the rich concert full tone of the Larrivee and the punch of the various Collings instruments.

Then Hugh brought out the Morgans. I played all of them and really battled to decide which one I preferred. Hugh then did something quite novel - He blindfolded me and handed me a succession of guitars. It soon became apparent that my general preference was for the sound of mahogany and that my ultimate choice was the Morgan Concert Mahogany.

That was around 8 months ago - I remember because I spent so long sitting there that the cold made me stiff. Needless to say, I wanted the Morgan, having no money at the time, Hugh graciously offered to put it aside for me until I did. I'm sure he could have sold it countless times over but, being a man of honour, he kept
his word.

Well, it arrived yesterday, 3 Feb, a day earlier than expected - just another example of Hugh's commitment to excellent service. It is beautiful - perfectly set up, perfect string balance, even using the pickup; and the most amazing voicing. In fact, it sounds even better than when I first played it. The only way to adequately describe it is that this guitar is a blessing!

Hugh, never have I had the priveledge of dealing with someone as committed to quality and service and as in love with guitars as you. Unlike other suppliers I've dealt with over the years, there is no pressure to buy and you went out of your way to make me feel like one of the family.

From one of the family to the "Big Daddy" of guitars in South Africa, thank you Hugh for introducing me to the finest; helping me make a choice and making a way for me to own a Morgan.

I'm sure it won't be the last!!!! Keep on pickin!