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Jason Ayres

Jason Ayres : jasonayres@bigpond.com

Hiya Hugh,

Glad to hear the picking sessions are still going on... Beer, Boerewors and Brilliant music. Who could ask for more? My guitar is great, still a passionate love affair between us. Which guitar have you been picking up most lately?

It's no secret that if you're looking for the best acoustic instruments, Hugh's Fine Guitars is the place you'll find them. Whether you're a weekend strummer looking for extra magic, or a seasoned pro looking for "the edge", there's no debating where to go.

My "Custom HD28" plays like a beast on stage and sings like an angel in the studio. Hugh, thank you for helping me find my dream guitar. I'm taking this baby to my grave!!

Take it easy Hugh


PS: What is the name of that fretboard polish you use? I've asked a couple of stores for Viol and/or Viola, but that usually results in a "blank look" response...