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Bob Dubery
Bob Dubery : bdubery@netcare.co.za

Hi Hugh,

I'm sure you know my guitar teacher - the excellent and downright nice John van Nierop. John has suggested to me that I should get in touch with you. This is because of my guitar. It's a Morgan OM, spruce top, rosewood back and sides. Serial number 1017.

My understanding is that you bought this guitar into the country. It was, I believe, originally sold to Mike Burgers. I picked it up second-hand at Andy McGibbons. Apparently the previous owner is wishing he'd never sold it. I don't blame him: It's a very good instrument with a marvellous sound. It's a completely different instrument than any I've owned before. Big sound, beautifully made, very efficient top - it feels alive when you play it.

Since you asked, my favourite acoustic guitar player (in fact favourite guitar player full stop) is Richard Thompson. I also enjoy Nick Drake and Terry Lee Hale - both of whom use (or used) open tunings to very good effect.

I will be seeing Richard Thompson in concert in England later this year. This will be a band show, but he'll still play plenty of acoustic guitar. I also hope to be able to take in a day of the Lewes Guitar Festival, which features the works of various luthiers, various songwriting and guitar-making workshops, and of course some very fine acoustic guitar players in various styles.

It's nice to know that are people bringing really good quality acoustic guitars into the country, and I hope your business continues to flourish.


Bob Dubery