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Deon Slabbert

Deon Slabbert:

Well Hugh, you have cost me an arm and a leg when I bought my Martin D-18 GE and Martin D-28 Marquis. But what an arm and a leg it was! These two guitars have woken up something in me that was asleep far too long.

Since I bought these guitars, I have tried out a number of other high-end guitars in various music shops. They simply don't come close to my Martins.

The medium strings was tough at first (seeing that I am used to extra light), but I have conquered them too. I am in the process of learning flatpicking and bluegrass now. The tones I already get are awsome. They both have attitude with a capital A! Can you imagine what they will sound like in twenty years from now?

Like always, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. You are the only person I know who has such a love (or is it lust) for guitars. And it rubs off.

I have attached two photos for your "client profile" web page.

My wife wants her new kitchen now. So please, no more Martins this year.
Phone me next year :-)

Deon Slabbert