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Tinus de Wet

Tinus de Wet:

I am the proud new owner of a Rosewood OM with Englemann Spruce Top. I spent a long time, more than a year in search a new acoustic guitar that I would be able to use both for recording and live performance. I wanted an instrument that would have a warm and full sound when plucking melodically, but also very responsive when strumming hard. It was also very important to me that it would be very easy to play, soft on the fingers, low action. I found that this guitar had all these attributes.

I went into the studio the day after picking up the guitar to start recording an album. The guitar sounds beautiful – even when strumming very hard the tone is fantastic, the tune (the notes or music) always comes through very strongly, never being overpowered by percussive sounds. When plucking it gives crystal clear and warm tone. The producer was so impressed that he asked if he could record the guitar for programming music in the future, as he absolutely loves the sound.

I am looking forward to performing live with the guitar. It handles beautifully, especially because of its slim body. Despite the smallish body its sound is still massive, which fantastic.

I am very thankful to Hugh Cumming from Hugh’s Fine Guitars for guiding me exceptionally well in choosing a guitar that absolutely suites my style, preferences and requirements. He has a fantastic range of guitars to choose from, every one of them a master piece. He went into great depth explaining the specifications of each guitar, the different sorts of woods used, its influence on the sound, etc. He also set the guitar up perfectly, as I mentioned I went into studio the next day, and after playing on the guitar for a couple of hours it was ready for action.

To buy a guitar from Hugh is a musical experience, be sure to book out at least a couple of hours for a visit – you’ll play on many guitars that would suite your style, he’ll go into great depth in explaining the specs of each guitar, he’ll show you the fine vintage guitars from his personal collection and every time I visited we ended up playing a couple of songs together. That is music business as it should – personal, professional and fun.

Kind regards