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Stefan Jansen

Dear David,

For customer satisfaction’s sake I would just like to thank you for building such an amazing instrument. I bought my Slope D from Hugh’s Fine Guitars, having chosen it over various boutique manufacturers, and I cannot say that I have ever looked back.

Hugh understood what I was looking for at the time and he pointed me towards your Slope D amongst a few others. Your instrument stood out shoulders above some other serious names, especially in my opinion because of the marvel I have found to be “distressed” Engelmann as you refer to it.

I would appreciate some insight as to how you reckon these tops will age? Especially taking into account the stiffness and grain. In either way, I have owned and played “Woodie” as often as I could, I think it’s safe to say that since December 2012 I have played it every single day, have had 15 or so live performances with it and we’re falling ever more in love. It’s a brilliant instrument.

I hope all is well at the shop, good luck, and thank you again.

Best Regards,
Stefan Jansen