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Stefan Jansen


Dear Uncle Hugh,

Just when I thought I had it all figured out you just had to stick a 000-15SM in my hand didn’t you?

Having now bought my first C. F. Martin guitar, I had the most pleasant one-way trip into the world of authentic and legendary tone…

We all know the quest for acoustic tone is a never-ending one, but along the way, a few benchmarks stand out. This purchase is surely one of them to me.

The 000-15SM has the sweetest tone. It’s like sitting against an old tree bark in 1950 (I can only imagine) with a backpack and a leather hat, writing a song for the lady back home… THAT is the tone you get from this little wonder.

With the all-mahogany 12-fret 000-body and the slotted headstock, the guitar is not only visually appealing in its simplicity, but also tonally superb to anything in its class I’ve ever played. The fundamentally-emphasised notes and excellent tonal string separation and the warmth of the hog-top makes it an absolute dream to compose fingerstyle arrangements on, and don’t even think for one second it stands back for a plectrum driven picking session. I strum it, I pick it, I tune it to DADGAD or anything alike, I listen to it and I LOVE it!

As always the service and attentive assistance you get at Hugh’s Fine Guitars is the reason why I keep coming back, and will do so in many times to come.

Thanks Hugh for your great “shop”. The irony is, it’s not a shop at all. It’s your home, and I cannot help but feel at home on every visit!

I love my new 000-15SM! It inspires me to compose and enjoy new music.

So what’s next? A Santa Cruz FS maybe? Or a Bourgeois Small Jumbo?

Whatever the case may be, I can’t wait for my next visit!

All the Best,
Stefan Jansen