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John Tomlinson

John Tomlinson: johntomlinson@butchartgardens.com

Hello Hugh! A Great site, Great guitars! I stumbled across your site when, as per usual, I was surfing on my favorite topic - guitars; while at work I confess.

I live in Victoria, which is just across the water from where your Morgans are made in Vancouver. I was at the Buffalo Brothers site at www.buffalobrosguitars.com and was thrilled to see that Morgan and Larrivee guitars were doing so well in California. Both companies make such excellent products. Larrivee must have been choked when Dave Iannone, his best luthier, left to start Morgan Guitars. In my opinion, Iannone's Morgans have surpassed Larrivee's in both workmanship and sound.

After cruising Buffalo Bros, I found your site. Wow! I cannot believe that Morgan's are now available in South Africa. They are world class and it's great to learn that the world now has a chance to learn this.

Tony Rice Santa Cruz! You are connected! That's the holy grail! I can only dream... one day....one day.

Well, I had better get back to work or else I'll never own a Santa Cruz. Though nothing like Merlefest, we do have a few bluegrass festivals in British Columbia each year. If you are ever in the area acquiring some new Morgans, let me know and we can spark up a pickin' tornado. Limber up your fingers and bring your Morgan, 'cause mine is ready to rumble! Keep on pickin'!

P.S. - Ken from Canada: Where are you located?